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  1. 346

    after xmass sale

    looking for a cordless circular.....thought I could find one cheap about now..... what's my best bet on a 6 1/2. I only have 2 amp batts right now but might consider a package... light use only...
  2. 346


    any good deals on Mac cordless circle saws?? under 100
  3. 346

    saw blade

    what's the best 6 1/2 cordless Mac deal right now??
  4. 346

    saw blade

    waiting for a deal, maybe Xmas.
  5. 346

    saw blade

    I want a Mac cordless circ saw but want to use regular blades like diablo.....18v...what model should I buy..??
  6. I have a air scissors for sheetmetal from Harbor Freight. basically crap, no surprise, but it works fairly. Not goodly. I saw the 2 headed electrics for 40$ and was not a believer. What air nibbler is really decent and under 75$..??is there one..?? The Ingersoll looked nice but price sucked....
  7. can't even use my grinder inside for fear a spark will ignite some speck of sawdust in a crack....always go outside and not in summer heat/fire... I need a homemade metal shroud to funnel all the sparks into a hose and metal can......anyone make one for this??
  8. 346

    guitar crack

    I have a hairline crack straight from bridge back to the back edge....along the glued seam on this 2 piece back...common issue for acoustic guitars... I could back it and force Gorilla glue down it and then sand and lacquer. Or I could rout out a 1/16 inch dado and fill with an inlay plastic design...like herrinbone. I dont care if it changes the appearance, as long as it is nice.any ideas??? its a higher end guitar..
  9. I built a table 28x64 I did with a Douglas Fir plywood top. Its the good grade ply with one side sanded and no defects but its not cabinet grade. The grain is typical peeled rotary like so the rings are swirly and not tight light quarter sawn fir. But its clean and no holes etc. I was going to veneer it but veneer is too pricey nowadays. So I will keep it simple and use 3 coats of satin poly or maybe Tung oil...?? Tung oil is nice on D fir but thats when its quarter sawn. Do you think Tung Oil would look good on DF plywwod,higher grade plywood..? I do want protection also w
  10. 346


    I am doing a table 28x62 with 2 legs. feet on legs are about 18 inches. 30 in tall. How far in from the ends would you put the legs??
  11. 346

    18 volt

    I would really like a cordless circ saw using my 18v batts from my driver. As soon as I see one for 75$ I am in. I thought it was important to notify the world of this. Go Mak.
  12. 346

    air grinder

    I have a cheap HF air grinder. Straight. Is there any way to mod it into an angle grinder for use with the little 2 inch scotch pad discs..?
  13. Do you think the Flexvolt 20 mitersaw is as good as the Makita X2 10 inch?I like that it has an AC adaptor...... what is your experience with it...?
  14. 346

    X2 miter and XL06

    I disagree I want AC option for sure and 10 inch only back to question ....... which 10 inch cordless is the latest??
  15. 346

    X2 miter and XL06

    Which model is the latest cordless miter for Mak 36v saws? I cant believe they didnt include an AC adaptor on either one.. 10 inch only..could you mod an AC to DC rig onto them??
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