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  1. Hello my friends! If you are a TIG welder you must have this tool! As TIG welders we are sometimes required to weld very small parts, it will not always be simple... but pay attention! With the tool you see me building in the video, you will not believe how easy it becomes. Say hello to the "Third Hand"
  2. My life is divided before and after I discovered this cool trick to mark a circle accurately in any diameter you choose, easily and in one second. The full video is now on my youtube channel:
  3. In the next video I will show you how to make Sanding Belts yourself, it is very simple, easy and strong you can also make it in any size you need and with the help of easy to obtain raw materials you will find them in every store. Take the desired size of the belt and add another 2 cm along the general length and then cut. Mark the 2 cm and start scraping the glass layer out of the paper until you reach the silk felt. Clean dust and grease well and glue both ends of the strip with high-quality fast glue. Wait long enough for the glue to dry completely and it is possible to start using the belt. It is important! At the stage where you scrape the glass layer out of the paper it is very important to remove the entire glass layer until you reach the silk felt, otherwise the adhesion will not be strong enough.
  4. In this project I built a lamp from a combination of wood and iron Of course I used recycled materials like building iron and wooden panels from a storage box and the perfect result! My wife loved it.
  5. Homemade metal bender constructed from a large bearing and bar stock. Useful for bending flat or round bar stock.
  6. A very nice project I did, "tablechair" both a small table and a chair. A great piece of furniture that can also be used as a small table next to the living room TV armchair and also as another chair in the house that can fit into my wife's makeup corner. I built the "deskchair" from a 50X50 iron profile and oak boards and glued and made one surface from them. I love this combination of iron and wood and this nice desk chair joins a couple of other tables that I built a living room table and dining table. I used all the same profiles and the same tree.
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