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  1. Hi All, I desperately searched around for tool review sites, option choices based on use, etc and became very frustrated to find that it seems like almost ALL of the reciprocating saws with variable speed are trigger based variable speed only. I would like to know if there is a reciprocating saw with the following features. *Variable speed (0-3000 SPM good enough) by wheel or dial, NOT variable speed trigger. *Current new model instead of old models not made anymore. *1-1/8 stroke length *Cordless/Lithium Battery Based. Smaller battery voltage and weight are more important to me than super powerful. *Compact sized for tight spaces like in vehicles under dashes or under kitchen sink. *Small enough to be used as a jigsaw too. *Wobble For the life of me, I cannot figure out why variable speed triggers are so important that it seems that 90% of the market of reciprocating saws has this instead of a dial or wheel for precise, locked, max speed instead of the extremely variable trigger speed control with such a jumpy saw. The material ranges I uses are from some types of sheet metals, some are types of plastics and woods, and all of them are sensitive to cutting speed of the blade needing to be precise and predictable to keep the tool from jumping too much during sawing, and the materials can actually burn/melt/splinter too much. Thank you for any help you can provide or a place to look.
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