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  1. Mine has been used and abused and slammed about on site and in the van. Five stars it's a keeper folks.
  2. Life does seem to be very very busy all of a sudden. So forgive me guys if with the time zone difference, if I appear to go missing. It is also sometimes difficult to get in here
  3. Hi guys as you can see rom the pictures have been a bit busy lol
  4. Even this side of the pond it is not a given that you get more information. But I guess that's what the forum does. The new 9 AH Milwaukee batteries will be the same Tech I would have thought.
  5. They are really going for it with these new batteries.
  6. Hi guys, Mad busy building stuff lol. Bought an extra U.S.A quality blade for it. Much better than the blade that came with it.
  7. Hi folks, I have just bought the Dewalt 2400 tile saw. All I can say is it is fantastic. The thing cuts through porcelain tile 10mm thick like a hot knife through butter.
  8. Hi Itchyspanner, I also have the 455 but I got the full kit cost a few quid but it is a brilliant bit of kit as you know. The sniffer just uses the battery of the unit. The other Kane sniffer that uses ordinary batteries is just as good.
  9. We need it, we are regulated to the max.
  10. Yes it is Chad, They also make my flue gas anyliser.
  11. I bought three battery model versions and the Kane was the only one that gave accurate readings for longer than a few weeks. I just wanted to know if this is the case world wide that only certain ones seem to work very well.
  12. Hi Conductor, I must get on and get filming again. Bought a huge amount of tools and am in the teens of Dewalt tough boxes stacked up in the van.
  13. I have one of those Bosch Drills and they are as tough as they claim.
  14. I still have not had word on how I get one over here in the U.K guys
  15. How about if Eric and Dan test them in the Ice bucket challenge
  16. I have 15 tough boxes from the smaller storage for fixings which I have 2 of also 2 of the 400 the biggest and the rest are 300 size. They are brilliant apart from the side catches that hold one box to another, these are useless and snap in no tome. But in every other respect they are fantastic. And the cart may be big but it is built like a battleship and tough as you can get.
  17. Still waiting to hear if I can get one over here in the U.K
  18. Honest answer guys is am sick of funerals. It has been a string of them recently, but onwards and upwards and all that Am back and reving on all cylinders and ready to help in as many ways as I can
  19. Brilliant bit of kit for on the jobsite. I would recommend to anyone with total confidence
  20. Hi Guys I just got another 18v Metabo grinder the new 6 inch model so I can switch between this and the 4 inch on site more quickly
  21. Nope they are nothing like lol But at least we know for sure
  22. Just won the Stanley in a competition and already have some Dewalt in my collection so will let you know for sure it just made me wonder as they are part of the same group
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