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  1. Thanks, I have been thinking about a new drill, but I really like the Makita. I suppose Li drills are lighter and better.
  2. Hi, I have an older 18V Makita 6343D drill that I need a replacement battery for. In the past, after ordering a couple different brands, and having two rebuilt, the only one worth it was from a manufacturer called Nuon. Apparently, Nuon does not make the battery pack for that drill anymore. Even the grey Makita replacement battery that was about $50 only lasted about a month before not holding a charge for very long. I also had two rebuilt, and those only lasted a few months before not holding a charge anymore. Any recommendations for manufacturer? There are a lot of the red battery packs out there, made by different, I am guessing, Chinese companies. Some are very inexpensive, but that does not mean they are not good packs. The Nuon was only $30 and it lasted 4-5 years. Thanks
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