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  1. RDC

    D25600 Hammer Drill

    I'd try 3D printing up a suitable replacement. It may not look identical or last as long, but at least you'll be able to replace it again and again as well as improve upon it along the way.
  2. RDC

    Dewalt 54 volt hack

    The connector on the FlexVolt tool is what enables the higher voltage of the pack. There are 2 things that need to happen, correctly, for the battery pack to output the higher voltage. First the slide switch needs to be engaged. Second, AFTER the slide switch has been engaged, the 54v tools connect C1 to C3, which enable the 54v mode. WARNING: If you connect C1 to C3 before the slide switch has been engaged, it WILL damage the battery pack and ruin 2 of the cells in there. If you are going to use the handle from a 54v tool, which would be the best way to go
  3. 14v to 15v is far from charged. Make sure your DMM battery is good and check the voltage of the battery again measuring from the B+ to B- terminals. Thermistor check #1 Measure the voltage from B- to TH, you should get the same voltage as the B+ to B- measurement. Thermistor check #2 Measure the Resistance (Ohms) from B+ to TH, it should be around 12k If that is all good, then test the individual cells to see if one has gone bad. Measure.. B- to C1 = ?.??v C1 to C2 = ?.??v C2 to C3 = ?.??v C3 to C4 = ?.??v C4 to B+ = ?.?
  4. That's the DCB118, single pack charger. The DCB104 will for sure be higher.
  5. The DCB104 is a fast charger, same as the DCB118, but it can do 4 packs at once. The AC rating for it should be on the bottom of it. The DCB118 is rated at 120v 3A, so that thing alone should be around 12A, if it can charge all 4 ports at 8A each like it says it can. I haven't had the DCB104 apart but have torn down the DCB118. Charging current and what it pulls from the wall aren't the same, so that 32A it could charge the 4 packs at would only be 12A on the 120v side, and it would only be that if you had it loaded with 4 of the FlexVolt packs. Having that many plugged up isn't go
  6. Picked up a broken few of these to mess with. Had one that wasn't really worth repairing, but it still made itself useful. DCB118.pdf
  7. Opened a couple of these up to see what kind of 'protection' they have in them. Nice to see they are setup to be balance charged, but sadly no charger does it that I've seen so far. Figured I'd schematic them up while I was in there for anyone interested or just curious. DCB203 Type 2.pdf DCB204 Type 2.pdf DCB203-DCB204 Type 2 LED Board.pdf
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