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  1. I got all the parts I needed for 40$. The air filter and one piece of the regulator didn't really fit so well together but it's better now.
  2. Hi all. I'm very new to compressors and was looking around for a small pancake model. I ended up seeing a used dewalt in my area. He was asking 200$. It looked OK. Wheels a little wobbly. Manufacturer date of 2011. It charged up to 210 psi and shut off. I did notice a Tiny leak from the drain valve. Also leaked small amount from the upper section of the rubber hose. Lastly the regulator knob was cracked so I pulled it off and used a wrench to make sure the reg spun freely which it did. It held pressure in the tank for the 10 minutes I was there but the reg pressure did slowly come down even th
  3. Hi all, just wanted to say hello. Just signed up to learn more about tools as I'm getting more involved in the construction aspect of my work. Look forward to learning here Mike
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