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  1. Nickball, it depends on the sizes of your shed, or a new one, that you're going to build. When I was constructing a new shed on my rancho, I've been using different types of saws, including circular saw, reciprocating saw and mitre one as well. Although, if we talk about more complex renovation, like a comprehensive basement renovation, I would ask some professionals for it. In our area there is no better company than this one ( here: https://csgrenovation.ca/bradford/basement-renovations/ ), who has the best recommendations from their clients as I know. I'm going to hire them in the next few months, I think, for such renovation.
  2. And there is nothing better for outdoor cooking than something special like artisan bread, with unique smells and healthy, tasty additives. I truly love to order German bread from Edelweiss store, because it's maybe the only store in Fort Lauderdale, that can offer tasty european bread with all the options about it. You should try their goods, I'm telling you.
  3. Heizen, nowadays, when I've got few 100 watt 12 volt flexible monocrystalline solar panels - I can say for sure, that it's one of the best investments I've done for my house and my shed.
  4. Yeah, I can also confirm that Bosch T Shank is maybe the best choice for the Ryobi jig saws.
  5. Jason Snyder, awesome! That looks like a room of treasure I would also add a massive CNC router in the center of that room. But it's all about me, my sphere of business and my preferences, hah. Sometimes like BobsCNC E3. It's one of the most reliable routers I've been testing. It runs on SG20U support rail system, and it means a lot for me.
  6. It would be awesome if they could do the same beautiful fences with electric fences as well. A friend of mine, who owns this website with the best electric fence chargers told me that model Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar is the best one on the market for nowadays. What do you think about it? It says that it сan be used up to long 25 miles. Do you think it's true?
  7. I would also take something from Woodcraft, because for the last couple of years they sold me nothing but quality goods. When I was looking some great table for my router DeWalt DW618PK 12-Amp, it was also not so easy, but i looked for some reviews and some examples from my friends, who already owned it, and purchased too different parts, connecting them into one table.
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