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  1. I don't use my 2853 with 1/2" anvil professionally, but I am always working on something and this is my favorite impact. Not as strong as my 2767 obviously, but feels much more powerful than my 3/8" M12 stubby. It feels aggressive and that puts a smile on my face every time it rips a lug nut off.
  2. " After having the stubby for a while I have found that I still use my m18 compact wrench more. The fatter stubby has a hard time getting square on nuts and bolts in tight corners. " I will probably buy another 2853 impact driver (or maybe a M12 that is more slender) and leave it with it's original hex anvil because it's very useful in mechanical work with one of the Makita Impact Gold 3/8 or 1/2 15 degree tilt socket adapters. I found those to be very tough and the wobble end is very useful for those tight corners. https://www.makitatools.com/products/search/impact-gold-tilt
  3. "I wonder if a 3/8 anvil off a 2754 would still require the nose bushing to have to be bored?" I did investigate this, thanks for bringing it up. The Milwaukee part number for the 2754 3/8" anvil is 42-06-0013 and it's tough to find any detailed specs in terms of measurements. There is an eBay seller that has one listed right now where they claim the bearing surface of the anvil is 0.52" in diameter. However, when I use my caliper and measure my actual 2853 original anvil, I get a diameter of 0.584 on the bearing surface. I have not had an actual 2754 anvil in my hands to measure it myself. It is tempting to buy one ... :-).
  4. I recently modified my 2853-20 to use a 1/2" anvil since I was tired of breaking socket adapters and having the collet drop bits occasionally. I came across this post and thought I'd share a picture of my custom M18 Stubby Impact. I used an anvil and the bearing that sits behind it from a 2755B. The internal dimensions lined up perfectly, however, I had to bore the nose bushing larger using a 21/32" drill bit with some light reaming. It is very powerful and feels just as strong as my 3/8 M12 stubby. I don't currently have a way to test how much nut-busting torque it actually has but it rips off lug nuts torqued to 140 ft/lb with ease. Although I am very happy with the outcome, it's important to realize that this type of modification will void the warranty, etc, etc.
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