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  1. I think, one of the most important functions for the grinders is anti-jamming protection and speed control. Next, as JimboS1ice wrote, keep most comfortable exactly for you. For example, I like DeWalt brand, but one of my grinders is Makita, because it is very comfortable for my hands.
  2. The default settings for DCE079G is of 600 RPM in the clockwise direction. Check the manual. I think you need first go to the DeWalt service center with this problem.
  3. This is not a workshop, this is artisan's paradise on wheels 😁 That's really awesome!
  4. I bought the Dewalt laser because it was green and was supposed to be easy to see in bright daylight. However I found that not to be true, I was unable to as were my employees. I will write more detailed review ASAP. What about Milwaukee green lasers? Is it the same problem on those lasers?
  5. Good choice. I am using the Dewalt DWE6423 for my garage workshop. It is lightweight and ergonomic. Does not transmit vibration to the hand.
  6. Interesting tip, but I don't understand how can I set low speed? Is it possible with idle screw adjustment?
  7. I used it about 3 times, it is very useful thing in some situations. Also, I thought that I didn't need a renovator either, but it turned out that in some situations it is irreplaceable 😃
  8. Did you try to contact with ereplacementparts.com? Thay have so many things for Dewalt. Maybe if you will contact with them, they will find it for you.
  9. Thanks so much for Corner Clamp tip! That's what I was looking for! 😃 Also thanks to James kelly for dead topic up ))
  10. Thanks so much for great tips! I bought Dewalt DWE560 and fine with it ) Lightweight, convenience and affordable.
  11. The lawn mower and cordless strimmer working with one battery, right? Did you try them? What about working time on one charge?
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