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  1. TOGeo

    New Blade Problem

    FYI...I figured out my blade was damaged (one broken tooth, one tooth bent) - that's why it was off and chewing up my wood. I replaced the blade and its working fine now.
  2. TOGeo

    New Blade Problem

    I have a DW716XPS compound miter saw and recently switched the stock blade with a Freud Diablo D12100X. I changed the blade but didn't use the saw right away. Just used it for the first time since the change and have the following problems: 1. Shadow guide from the saw is off by about 3/8" 2. Blade does seem to cut perfectly straight even though the saw appears to be aligned properly I was cutting wood flooring material (cherry) and was getting quite a bit of splinting, unless I moved extremely slow through the cut (much slower than you would consider normal). Blade is supposed to be good at not splintering wood; not sure if anyone has experience with these blades. Appreciate any help. By the way, I am not a professional, but have done quite a few home improvement projects with this saw and didn't have these issues with the stock blade.
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