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  1. It's for installing a bolt takedown disc onto a K98K stock. Specifically for bending the ends of a roll pin which holds these two discs in place. I don't think what you showed me is the same thing but I think It'll work the same as what I've got so I'll probably just end up getting one of those. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi my name's Tyler. The short version of this is I know this is a power tools forum but I couldn't find a better forum for this question. I need to replace a part but I can't find the part online because I don't know what the part is called. Figured people on a power tool forum must be pretty handy and would know what it's called. The part I'm talking about is this little wedge/cone shaped thing around this bolt. I can still use it right now but I'd like to get a spare for when it eventually breaks. I don't need to know the size, I'm sure I can figure that out myself. I just need the name of the part so I can find them. Thanks a bunch in advance
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