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  1. Toro has a 60v max Flex snowblower with 7.5 ah at HD look very similar to dewalt flexvolt, not sure if compatible or modable https://www.homedepot.com/p/Toro-Power-Clear-21-in-60-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-Electric-Snow-Blower-with-7-5-Ah-Battery-Charger-Included-39901/309982207
  2. Not sure Jan and Cliff could be a overheating issue or water damage but mine was as simple as a short in the cord end where the prongs are. After years of heavily using my DW745, usually on ground (stand is always buried), blade shroud off and ripping everything including treated 3x, i always kick the power switch off with my foot after a cut, im pretty rough on her. The factory prongs that are folded over became brittle,black, split and broke off over time. I replaced the end...twice since then. At one point it was kicking on/off rapid while I tried to bend the cord back and forth. I believe wires were arcing in plug end so I electric taped individual wires then reassembled. Saw works great and still have a second saw sib because I originally purchased at HD for $250. Went in the next day and clearanced out to $200. I always use a gfci, and plug in table and miter saw direct when possible. If not use a 10 Guage surge protect extension cord. Test the saw with a small ac / dc current pen tester to check if there is still power running past the switch assy after it kicks off
  3. I'm gonna guess its a dual use tool? 1) ratcheting screwdriver like kobalts found @ lowes 2)striker pilot bit 3) nail set for siding and wire mesh mason nails pin could be a aux handle / mini breaker bar like you said
  4. Ridgid needs to do a better job of advertising new products,when did this release? I have toughsystem and 2.0 but was thinking of also buying packout ,, I like ridgids set up most, prior to packout and for the price, this chest is $55, packouts $200+. I'll probly grab it
  5. Kirkk

    Dewalt pinner

    Looks similar to metabo htp's cordless pinner, dewalt should have gone 12v or both options with a slightly smaller compact footprint or capacity, It might take 2" pins looking @ how the nail magazine is shaped
  6. Kirkk

    Dewalt pinner

    Nice I just saw a pop up on toolguyd forum. Dewalt always releases tools quickly after leaked info, not a year or 2 like milwaukee so hopefully we see it soon
  7. Depot has 2 1.5ah m12s for $20
  8. Where is the new Dewalt 12v DCF901 ½ impact protective rubber boots??????
  9. What pictures????
  10. I give the back of my dcn21 gun a good smack on the ground or tap driver down with a nail set to get the driver to fully retract, the jam release lever doesn't work sometimes, it looks like the head of your gun is jammed in, a small pc of nail? Could just be pic. I haven't had my 16 jam up yet, I did exchange it @ depot last year, first one sounded loud and damaged
  11. Ridgids 18v dual bevel miter saw is Now available again @ home depot
  12. Kirkk

    6 Battery Charger

    I have the older flat 6 port charger. You have the newer model? The batteries would show solid green full charge but only charge 75% & die quicker than usual. And they would discharge when left on the charger when not plugged in. Does your charger have the blue maintenence/ reset button to restart charge cycle? I have 2 gen 1 4ah with the red orange green fuel indicator and 2 newer 4ah with the green peg. On my single ryobi charger I have to flip it upside down while charging to get full charge on them???
  13. Bit late here.. i agree, The Milwaukee gen 1 guns were garbage and awkward to handle, belt hook location was also odd. The gen 2 models are great. Personally I'm all dewalt 20v cordless 16g, 18g, framer, roofer. 18g has been hit and miss sinks 4 out of 5 nails leaving nail head out 1/8" occasionally.
  14. it should be, almost every brand miter saw with same blade diameter uses the same motors slide or not
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