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  1. Where is the new Dewalt 12v DCF901 ½ impact protective rubber boots??????
  2. What pictures????
  3. I give the back of my dcn21 gun a good smack on the ground or tap driver down with a nail set to get the driver to fully retract, the jam release lever doesn't work sometimes, it looks like the head of your gun is jammed in, a small pc of nail? Could just be pic. I haven't had my 16 jam up yet, I did exchange it @ depot last year, first one sounded loud and damaged
  4. Ridgids 18v dual bevel miter saw is Now available again @ home depot
  5. Kirkk

    6 Battery Charger

    I have the older flat 6 port charger. You have the newer model? The batteries would show solid green full charge but only charge 75% & die quicker than usual. And they would discharge when left on the charger when not plugged in. Does your charger have the blue maintenence/ reset button to restart charge cycle? I have 2 gen 1 4ah with the red orange green fuel indicator and 2 newer 4ah with the green peg. On my single ryobi charger I have to flip it upside down while charging to get full charge on them???
  6. Bit late here.. i agree, The Milwaukee gen 1 guns were garbage and awkward to handle, belt hook location was also odd. The gen 2 models are great. Personally I'm all dewalt 20v cordless 16g, 18g, framer, roofer. 18g has been hit and miss sinks 4 out of 5 nails leaving nail head out 1/8" occasionally.
  7. it should be, almost every brand miter saw with same blade diameter uses the same motors slide or not
  8. Ohhh, bummer! That's news to me. Well may still have to get the vacuum and hopefully they will make a tstak toughsystem adapter or modify my unused 1.0 ds300 into a vacuum with a 18v to 20v adapter and my old cordless vac parts
  9. Kirkk

    Tough System 2.0

    Decided to upgrade to 2.0 after all
  10. I agree with you, dewalt needs to pick it up. But Dewalt makes a flexvolt toughsystem dust extractor vacuum for low price $500!!, lol. I just missed one for $250 off ebay last month😥. I own Dewalts greatest piece of innovation the Dewalt Flexvolt/20v Portable Power Station with about 20 batteries (4x 9ah,2x flexvolt 6ah, 2x 8ah, 8x 4ah,8x 2ah, 3ah)so any tool is dewalt cordless; stationary or portable backpack mode. I would buy immediately if dewalt released a double bevel miter but got ridgid for 50%. Milwaukee m18/12 have exploded with new tools, ryobi, ridgid and makita continue to surprise with innovation, similar tools and many more offers and many times better features and technology (no push tech on 20v drywall gun), yeah I've had dewalt 20v framer for about 6 years now, milwaukee just released theirs last month after years of delays. I originally started with blue ryobi 18v when tools were actually built better than new green models. ie drill, router, circ saw, 8 1/4 miter saw, etc. I am multi platform with mostly 20v/ Flexvolt, Ryobi 18v(blower, grinder), Ridgid 18v(7 1/4 miter saw,vacuum, octane router), and some craftsman nextec(compact right angle impact driver, articulating hammer) Kinda went with the best value for $, even ryobi is starting to up their prices big time from the past
  11. Milwaukee just released their m12v pin nailer, I'm all dewalt brushless 20v,but I would definitely have to buy into dewalt 12v if they released a 12v pin nailer. I thought about buying into the 12v platform when I first spotted the Dewalt 12v pivoting recip saw
  12. Decided to take the 50-60 screws out and open up the dewalt toughsystem 2.0 radio to see why on one the subwoofer would crackle and pop constantly, on another 2 speakers are not working at all and I took the subwoofer from that one to fix a 3rd to complete working order , sub was just dead. attempting to track down the speakers. Are they 2" 4ohm 5watt ? I already ordered 2 4" 4ohm 40-70 watt subwoofers
  13. I had the original 20v oscillating tool which had a solid epoxy inside around the trigger assy, the tool itself was heavier than the new model which I replaced it due to the blade clamp release went bad(silver plastic looks like metal) and despite it being brushless, the whole multi tool would get white hot. The new model is lighter with silicone and better on vibration but maybe the silicone heated up which loosened connections. I forget the model #'s. In my experience and only makes sense like the 20v circ saw, recip saw, and flexvolt saw which I had original models and updated each for the new models. the numbers always start at 1 or 0 and progress up to the newer models. The gen 1 20v circ is dcs570. Power detect 574. Flexvolt gen 1 is 575, brand new gen 2 flex model is 578, flex recip saw is dcs798, new gen 2 is 799. U got me? can always try some PB blaster see if it just seized up
  14. Tap the power button, dont hold in , it works on my toughsystem radio 2.o which looks very similar to the tstak
  15. Kirkk

    Dewalt Combo Kit

    Dewalt flexvolt combo best value for your money, batteries are $219 +for 9ah and $60 + tax for 20v 2ah battery alone. Kit is same price as gen 1 saw kit, and gen 2 with 9ah. Kit includes flexvolt dcs578, compact brushless hammer drill, flexvolt 9ah battery and 20v 2ah battery, blades, bits, 6 amp charger, and large tool bag
  16. Saw this while I was there picking up the cordless roofer, exchanged out the flexvolt cirk kit only which I payed $299+tax for. I got 10% back and got the combo kit, includes new dcs578, 9ah battery, compact brushless hammer drill and xr 2ah batter, charger, and large bag
  17. Got the last one at depot anywhere around my area right before closing. Trying it out tomorrow. It's a lil more top heavy than I expected but not bad considering I use a 9ah flexvolt on the 20v framer
  18. My Dewalt 30° cordless framer jams up sometimes, if the lever on top doesn't retract the firing pin I'll give the gun a good shake and it retracts. If you take gun apart you'll notice the firing pin is barely seated in, could easily damage or jump off track. Bad design. I modified to 21° but still same problem. My old dewalt 18v Brad nailer did this. after having to reset the belt inside a few other times to get it to stop making a loud horrible squealing sound when I pressed the trigger or head down in sequential bump mode, I fixed that problem a few times but one occasion the motor would not spin the belt pulley and just barely jolt. I pushed the pulley wheel around with my hand and kinda felt almost all the tension give and knew that I probably just damaged a inner safety catch or spring of some sort. Now it does exactly that. Just has no power and barely sets the nail in 75% of the time, I upgraded to 20v and try to be more conscious about where a nail plate or structural strapping may be hiding behind some drywall or sheathing. My 18v 16g I would nail trim( cove or small og or crown) into stucco cinder blocks or whatever , it still works but also picked up the 20v 50% off depot few years back. Therese a small defect with the 20v guns where I dont think it affects performance within the tool but when you turn the tool on its left they rev up real rough and some slight grinding sounds
  19. Kirkk

    Framing gun

    I've had the Dewalt 20v 30° Framer for a good 5 years now and it can rapid fire just like the pneumatic milwaukee framer I use for bigger jobs. The dewalt 20v fires as fast as I can press the firing head in bump mode , easy 2 nails a second through sheathing or for 2x material I would throw a flexvolt battery on there. I just recently picked up a 21° magazine clip and modified it for 21° plastic collated nails. Still sinks in 3 1/4 ring shanks 12's no prob all day!
  20. Still no rafter hook on the 2.0 DCS389 Reciprocating Saw? I'll have to do this, thanks. I have the gen 1 flexvolt circ saw with no rafter hook and i had but just exchanged out the 20v dcs570 for new model with rafter hook.
  21. Just picked up the new 2.0 Flexvolt Reciprocating Saw and Circular Saw kitted with 9.0ah batteries and quick charger! They claim like 20 something % more power on recip saw and 48% more power or something crazy on 7 1/4 circ saw. I have the gen1 original flexvolt circ purchased from toolbarn back in 2015, it's a beast. Almost went with the rear handle worm drive style because I always did prefer using my 15 amp hypoid worm drive saw. Same price as the gen1 kit with the 2ah flexvolt battery
  22. I just picked this up about a month ago and I am left handed. Everytime I would go to set a screw and squeeze on the trigger my thumb would sneak it into reverse. This gun has more of a toggle switch rather then a button. I wouldn't know it and think I was just hitting something because even if I pushed with everything i had it would still sink the screw but leave the head sticking out a 1/16 like ghebert. You might have it in reverse, lol. The 4th time it happened I just started to lock the trigger on and held it around the cupped hand groove at the top. Another complaint I have is milwaukee and ridgid both have the push sensor setting where it automatically engages the motor on without eating up the battery when you apply pressure, no need to ever touch the trigger. I have some ridgid 18v tools( 2x 5ah batteries). I am probably going to swap out for the ridgid one and take the loss on the dewalt kit with 2x 2ah batts and free 20v cut out tool for $200, I can probably get the ridgid for around $125 maybe less
  23. Kirkk

    Tough System 2.0

    Tough boxes and chest are full, but all this stays home safe lol, some still in boxes are recent exchanges for updated models. Most of these are on a as needed that day basis. Chest is full of retired and one time use that I'll probably never need again tools. Kinda slowly worked my way back into using over stuffed tool bags, then I'm trying to pack and hook everything that wont fit in the toolbelt and lanyards/harness. I took all my hard cases out to condense my everyday tools in my work van (mostly all flexvolt, or dw brushless) I cross platform with dewalt 18v 18g and 16g nailers,(occasionally I'll break out the 20v guns for nice trim or light framing. I have the 18g brad,16g, 21°and 30° framer, 12" chop for crown and kitchens. See pic) ridgid 18v miter and vac,and random ryobi 18v (pinner, blower,wacker, inverter, spotlight, etc. so the extra chargers and batteries take up space with another tool bag. When I did have the tough boxes every day they'd have to be broken down flat when I loaded the van with lumber, plywood or drywall laid flat, if there was too many tools and materials already in the van to shift everything to one side so I could stand up sheets on edge. Then the tough boxes get banged up anyway between trying not to damage them, dw table saw, ridgid 18v miter saw, tools, levels and everything else. Cant win. I did always purchase dewalt tools with the cases even prior to tough cases/ system (edit) and tstak, and had to question why they were similar but different sizes and not stackable? ...☆Yeah, decided to upgrade to 2.0 after all, wtf. Van's a mess but boxes look good. 2.0 Radio bumps, note: turn the bass down.
  24. Kirkk

    Tough System 2.0

    Some people get really defensive as if they took part in the development and making of these boxes and I did have these boxes a good year before anyone I knew. At the time I thought the boxes were great. I started with the compact sawzall with tough case for free with brushless drill/ impact set purchase back in 2015 or 16 at hd. Working out of 1 ripped tool bag over stuffed with everything got old so the stackable boxes were convenient but sometimes excessive. I also have the tough chest which has metal bars running along lid, would've liked to have seen something similar on tough system or compatible with one another. Once I compared certain features with other stackable boxes, and being how I was always very careful with these overpriced "structural foam" boxes and still had the collapsing handle snap, side clip attachment points at bottom of boxes break, metal latches just went missing, cracks, etc. I think these are trash, and 2.0 has a couple improvements but still now all plastic clasps . I worked with a guy that got the ds carrier because he liked the rolling cart with stack I had. The carrier itself weighs nothing but is tough af and the "one lock" locking hook feature is ok then you just chain up and lock the whole carrier, he picked up the 2 drawer tough box( its trash). He would lay the carrier with boxes down in open truck bed and chain it. Good thing for the waterproof seals. I kept bungee cords wrapped around stack once it started to fall apart and in my van, no room for van racks in my and most other work vans. Do you think dewalt will still have the lifetime limited warranty on the 2.0? I already replaced 2 boxes on warranty with rolling cart and ds300
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