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  1. As far as a cordless hand planer goes its great (power, cutting, and run time), but if the cut isn't true and you cannot align the blades properly then yes it's a pos. If you we just working with thin stock it probably wouldn't be an issue. I am working wide stock that will not fit through my stationary planer. And thanks reddawg60 for your helpful suggestion on my issue and reminding me why I love forums.
  2. I will start by saying that I love the tool. I am running the smaller carbide baldes and I've noticed one huge issue. BLADE MISALIGNMENT! I noticed that out of the box it favored the right side. I have attempted to adjust the blades with the manual's instructions to no avail. I tried to adjust the blades for about an hour using the block and needless to say I am a little ticked off right now. Then I attempted to adjust the blade holder without the block and got them closer to square, but apparently the two blades were set at different depths. Has anyone had any luck adj
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