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  1. sprayed fuel mix thru the carburetor and into the spark plug hole nothing happens did find ryobi forum site that said there were problems with the rings seizing causing a no start ever hear of this problem
  2. I have a Tecumseh 6.5 lawnmower engine that was given to me.Suppositly it starts everytime.I replace the spark plug,air filter,fresh fuel and cleaned the coil and flywheel contacts.The carbuerator was to badly corroded to clean so it was replaced.Before nothing now it backfires thru the carb and rips the recoil rope right out of your hand any ideas.
  3. Im trying to get my neighbors ryobi bp42 leafblower running.He got it from someone for free,it didnt run.The air filter new,new spark plug,and fresh fuel added.The coil was also replaced since it was cheap money.You can crank it until your arm is tired and nothing happens.Did a compression test got 75 psi,cant find an actual spec.Did notice that the top of the piston and cylinder walls were very clean.Im thinking its a motor problem but i need other ideas.
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