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    RBC30Set Not

    Sorry got distracted over last couple of weeks. Managed to disassembly. Clutch looks ok and is engaging. Issue looks to be with clutch housing and the upper shaft not fully engaging (rounding off). Am going to replace clutch housing and upper shaft. However, can't figure out how to remove the clutch housing as there is a retaining washer. See attached image. Any ideas / tips? Ryobi RBC30SET Clutch Housing.pdf
  2. Finchy

    RBC30Set Not

    Hi, Have a RBC30Set Expand-it strimmer >5yrs old. Great little workhorse. Have hedge trimmer and strimming/brushcutter head attachments. Until the weekend where neither hedge trimmer or strimmer heads rotate / cut. Both expand-it heads appear to be ok. Can rotate drive shafts freely so doesn't appear to be issue with gears (strimmer) or cams (hedge cutter). Disassembled the hedge trimmer head to check cams and grease all ok. Measured drive shaft - ~5mm square => is this ok? Engine starts and idles with no issues. Applying throttle can see drive shaft rotating freely with not labouring by the engine (so clutch engaging ok - I think?). Measured drive shaft receptacle approximately and it was ~5.3mm => what should it be? So to me at least the drive shafts appear to be intact and should be engaging ok with the expand-it attachments. The only anomaly I can find is that when I stop the engine, I can hear a "spinning" from within the housing. It sounds like it is coming from around where the clutch / housing and engine shaft connect tot he drive shaft but I haven't disassembled yet to identify. The "spinning" goes for about 3 seconds after the engine stops. Any thoughts / ideas for what to look at and possible failures?
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