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  1. This morning I used the driver/bit as you described, and it is much better. The magnetic effect tends to hold the bit in place. However, it is not totally satisfactory, as the bit still tends to escape from its magnetic clutches from time to time. I think what I really need is an impact-ready square driver bit with a notch on its shaft, and use that directly in the driver. Hopefully the hardware store has one. Seems like the Dewalt bit set was a bit of a waste of money for me. BTW, the DFC887 is just too strong most of the time. It has 3 settings: 'weak', 'too powerful', and 'even more powerful'. It is necessary to ride the trigger almost all the time, which is something the manual tells you not to do! What it really needs is to have its 'too powerful' setting toned down a notch or two.
  2. Thank you for that. You are, of course, totally correct ... 😀
  3. I am building a deck, and bought my first impact driver. I went for a Dewalt DFC887 20V MAX-XR impact driver, and a Dewalt "Impact Ready" screwdriver bit set DWA2T40IR. My theory was that the driver and bit set would have been designed to work with each other, and all would be plain sailing. The manual for the DFC887 clearly states that, when installing an "accessory", the "accessory is locked into place". However, I find that my stubby little bit (the only one in the set that fits my square-headed screws) does *not* lock into place, and falls out very readily. This seems dumb beyond words to me, but then I'm not a tool-head and fully accept that I may be doing something wrong. Is it me, or is this driver/ bit set combo actually incompatible? Richard
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