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  1. I ordered my husband a set of screwdrivers today. I am not 100% versed in tools, although we ourselves do everything at home. Therefore, various reviews with a selection of the necessary tools help me. There it is just convenient to compare the characteristics of several options.
  2. I would advise you to look at the remote control in the parts stores. Either on amazon or aliexpress. The seller has the right to refuse you to replace the remote control, a lot of time has passed since the purchase.
  3. When my husband learned to work with wood, he took maple and poplar. From these types of wood, we got bookshelves, benches under our feet. All these products are intact and fulfill their function. Now my husband works a lot with oak, and sometimes with rare tree species. At his leisure, he makes furniture to order. No clients have complained yet.
  4. The guide is excellent. It is helpful to know the basic concepts of tools. But as for me, it would be necessary to make lists of brands for beginners and advanced users. And also lists of manufacturers by price category. I mean, make lists of brands that are recommended. Because not all of them are great.
  5. Very useful information. We try to constantly clean the drain of the washing machine, ventilation, dryer. We fix everything that is needed. Then the technique works longer, and the chance of some kind of trouble is lower.
  6. More information. In fact, even if you did a little something wrong, the tool can still be fine. You can contact a specialist, test it at work.
  7. we bought Craftsman CMXGAAMR25BL - B210. The cost is good, the device is powerful enough.
  8. As for me, it is best to contact the master to change if you are not confident in your abilities. It is better to pay for the replacement than to make it yourself incorrectly. Then you still have to pay for the repair.
  9. I did not find information in the topic, maybe I missed it. But what about cordless brush cutters? Hand brush cutters never fail. But hands get tired brutally. How do rechargeable batteries show themselves?
  10. We purchased leaf blower. Soon the leaves will begin to fall off, and I was tortured with a broom and a rake every autumn to put the yard in order. Why waste extra time when you can buy a gadget and enjoy it?
  11. Yes, they show themselves very well in the household. Of course, such a chainsaw will not be lost from a specialist. But for an amateur who takes care of his home with his own hands, this is perhaps the best option.
  12. I think that's tthe part of smoothing plane. There are lots of videos on youtube, where described how to use it. It seems to be an old really. Not sure will it fit some modern or not. Just try.
  13. I would rather go for Makita 16. It has good maintenance and working mechanism. I've found it easy to use and control, as it's lighweighted and has clever design. I think it's the best electric chainsaw. But I personnaly believe that it worths it's money, the quality is perfect, it will last you for years.
  14. Most of time I use a laser level, it's really comfortable. That's a small box that I can take everywhere I need. But before I've bought a laser one, I used Stabila for a long time. It's good, can not see any cons, despite of price. The price is too big I think.
  15. I have WORX and can consider it as a great offer. It's powerful and good working. The battery in enough for two cleanings,, it was the main reason why I've choosed it. I really don't like it when the battery is off and I can't finish and has to spend some time waiting for charging. The Sun Joe also looks like a good option.
  16. I think it will work with it. But if you want to have some details, it's a better to ask a new uestion than reply to a really old one. Just more people could help you and give some advice. Searching the net I've found out that it will fit you. But I don't have a Dewalt so can't tell obviously. Lets just wait for someone who used it.
  17. I am not sure about it. Google says there is a risk of fire, and I can't reccomend you to try. Especially, if the house is rented, you don't to pay for renovation. Looking for a new house is not an easy thing also, be sure about it. Not sure what you can do in this situation. The only way out I can see is to sell your old tools and buy new. But is actual only if you are going to live there for a long-term period.
  18. You can look at Bosch official site, there is a folder named instructions, you can look there. If you can't find it there, you can also translate a German one. Just download a page to Google translater or paste a link. It won't be perfect but you can understand what you need to.
  19. It's a common problem really. One of my friends told me that it's only Bosch problem, but I am not so sure about that. You can solve replacing the hammer pin. It happens after 2 years of usual using mostly, don't know how to prevent it at all.
  20. You've mentioned that you used all of them before. You should remember and analyse all small difficulties and things you didn't like. I have Matco and it's the best in my opinion. You should choose the one that fits you best, not anyone else.
  21. I've heard about it but have never used. The rewievs are guite good, most of people are happy with it. If you are not going to use it for work or everyday, don't see any reason for not buying it. It doesn't seem to be bad or uncomfortable in use to me. Lets wait for a rewiev from someone who own it, and then decide.
  22. I like this idea. The bad light quality always is something that makes me angry while camping. I have a poor sight so see anything in a dark is imposible. I am going to ask my husband to make such lightening too.
  23. I have never been looking for a plumber. I think the plumber is a person that everyone knows. He doesn't need any advertising or anything like that. If something is wrong, I won't go to internet, I will ask friends or neighbours. But I have never asked a license, thank you for posting, It was informative.
  24. I think that Makita DHS680 is the best option you can find on market. It's well-balanced and comfortable for use. It seems to be light and blade. I am really into it and going to buy it a few months.
  25. I would absolutely go for Forney. That's not my first welder but that's the best of all I've ever had. The quality is really great, it will last you for years. Can absolutely recommend it.
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