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  1. Just came across this forum and figured I’d join up. Not really much of a poster for the most part but love to read reviews. I may not be the most knowledgeable But above average for sure I do love tools. My first cordless tool platform I had was Hitachi. I ran both nicad and lithium. Ended up having issues with the drill and when it came time to replace they had switched from the pod style batteries to the slide. I made the switch to the yellow guys and I can say I have no complaints. I think any of the big names will satisfy most people. I love the selection in the dewalt line up. I
  2. Just came across this forum, figure i'd sign up and give it a try. I think x-lock works slick, can't say for sure if they will catch on but I like the idea. Bosch invented a few quick change tools/accessories that have been adapted pretty universally. Both SDS and T-shank jigsaws have become the normal, both invented by Bosch. For OSC Starlock hasn't taken over, but I think because the universal type is lower priced and just as easy of a setup. (VHS vs Betamax) I believe the X-Lock blades can be used in a standard grinder still, providing the costs aren't much different I can see retailer
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