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  1. guys, could you buy any chance recommend a trimmer line? I'm kinda confused choosing one. I forget to change it every season and just put off the trimmer in a garage. I don't know much about lines. Can you help me out here?
  2. My 'work from home' situation has continued, thanks to corona. So, Im thinking of make something by myself. I have some instruments in my garage, free time and a strong will to create. The idea is to make a shuffleboard table. I'm goinig to do something like this one, which I found on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/231020655865008708/. But I dont know how to properly paint it. I dont know what paint, varnish/covering to pick If you have any ideas about the design, I'd appreciate them. thanks
  3. Todd_B

    DW745 Table Saw

    Lately, I've been using DWX726, and it was kinda convenient. I mean it is easy to fit a table saw on it, but I was happy I could move it to free some space in the garage. If you do not need to do any kinds of hard work, that might be your choice as well Also, eBay is a nice option if you want it cheaper than in stores
  4. From my personal experience, I'd recommend you to istall 8-10 low pressure sprinklers. For your square it's gonna be the most ergonomic option. IMPORTANT: do not forget to drain your system BEFORE winter. That's how I screwed up all my sprinklers, ha-ha.
  5. It looks like that thing for smoothing sharp edges. I think my grandpa had one, haha Have you tried search by Google pictures?
  6. Hi there! I'm new as well. Really nice forum. Cheers
  7. Hi, i'm a newbee too, haha welcome!
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