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  1. bought Bosch 11335k Jack Hammer. wanted to buy that for a while
  2. what is the best tools company inside USA?
  3. I don't have much experience with welding. But the few holders I used i found miller more efficient to work with.
  4. great initiative. Make sure you post your work here, let us see your work.
  5. Thank you all for this helpful information
  6. Want to buy a sander, any suggestions ?
  7. yeah, looks tile screw driver to me
  8. So much information I learned Today that I never knew. Thank you guys for taking your time to explain all these things.
  9. yes, one of my friends said the exact same thing, thats why I bought Dewalt.
  10. Hey welcome to woodworking. there are lots of different types of woodworking. I'd say Keep exploring. Good luck.
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