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  1. what is the best tools company inside USA?
  2. I don't have much experience with welding. But the few holders I used i found miller more efficient to work with.
  3. great initiative. Make sure you post your work here, let us see your work.
  4. No giveaway is going on? I could really use some free tools .
  5. Thank you all for this helpful information
  6. Want to buy a sander, any suggestions ?
  7. yeah, looks tile screw driver to me
  8. nothing much, just a Screwdriver set.
  9. So much information I learned Today that I never knew. Thank you guys for taking your time to explain all these things.
  10. yes, one of my friends said the exact same thing, thats why I bought Dewalt.
  11. Hey welcome to woodworking. there are lots of different types of woodworking. I'd say Keep exploring. Good luck.
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