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  1. Hi, new inquirer here. I need to get a 1/2" impact wrench for the main purpose of removing and reinstalling the blades on my John Deere 48" mower deck. I'm 70 now and doing it with a 1/2 socket wrench and a torque wrench is pretty much out of the question now. So, I have a recommendation from my repair guy. He uses the DeWalt 20V 1/2 impact wrench. However, I'm a little inundated with so many DeWalt models and most of them look different from each other and have different prices, even though they say they are 1/2" and 20V. I know some have a brushless motor, and I like the sounds of that, but some are not. All I am going to purchase is the tool, a battery and the battery charger. I don't even think I need an extra battery. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I, can bring some of this chaos into useful order. Thanks for your indulgence.
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