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  1. i have the 36v dub362 and it’s very powerful. How does the dub184 compare? Power? Runtime?
  2. A cordless drill/driver isn’t especially accurate. A torque wrench will give you a better result. That being said, you could try calibrating your drill against a torque wrench and note down the Values. Alternatively you can put a long Allen key (or similar) in the chuck and measure how much weight the drill can lift. 1 Nm equates to 100 grams* at a distance of 1m, as does 1kg at 100mm, 2kg at 50mm, etc. So if your drill can lift 5kg at 100mm away from the drill shaft, that setting is delivering roughly 5Nm of torque. *its actually ~101.9
  3. I need a new line trimmer and am tossing up between the new DUR369 36V and the DUX60 36V powerhead system. The DUR369 is listed as more powerful, however the DUX60 powerhead has the chainsaw and trimmer attachments which I’d find very useful. what do people recommends?
  4. I’m deciding between DUR368 and DUR369 at the moment. I’m struggling to understand the pros and cons of the two setups. Motor at the bottom seems simpler and makes sense- no shaft etc, and it’s been like that for several models now - so why have they moved the motor up and added a shaft? Is it fundamentally better? More powerful perhaps and worth adding a shaft? dur369 is $100 more expensive. any insights would be great! Anyone used both??
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