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  1. No blade guard and I made my own riving knife
  2. Thanks for welcoming me I have been on the forum for years but only to read and educate myself. Anyways I bought the saw in may for next to nothing and fully restored everything on it. I have had a welder weld the pivot bracket beads on and i attempted twice to replicate the teeth. I cut the teeth pretty good the second time but there wasnt enough weld built up and in the middle the teeth didnt touch the worm on the rod. I had him add one more layer of weld, but thats it for the rods i got (13pcs $50) I will pick it up tomorrow and see if its enough before my third attempt
  3. Hi im too in the process of restoring. Im just about done with all the extras (extensions, router insert), but i have a big issue and that is the pivot bracket b43. Mine was completely mangled. There were only 5 teeth at the very end of the bracket (when blade fully raised) and 1 tooth at the begining of the bracket. Does any one know where i can find this bracket. i had it welded twice and i cut the teeth, but the second time welder didnt put enough and after cutting, teeth dont touch. I have spent so much time on this already that i m starting to give up. Help
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