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  1. the more I investigate the more the Arc Fault circuit breakers in the garage look like the culprit. not the saw.
  2. I found this conversation very informative and interesting. The 'ego' thing or whatever it was didn't bother me.
  3. Dewalt sliding compound miter saw DWS779 - purchased new, runs like new, probably less than 5 hours on it. Does this saw have issues with tripping breakers when it stops, not when it turns on... Trips circuit on shut off, i.e., activating blade brake. running a 10A cord. The circuit trips randomly about 1 in 8 times and it doesn't matter if the saw is running by itself on the circuit or if it is sharing the circuit with the vacuum, 2 tool batteries charging, phone charging and double 9000 LED work light.... It almost always works the first time in the morning - then trips the secon
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