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  1. Thx for the response guys... I do see a number of various battery adapters for current tech batteries from the assorted brands but have had difficulty finding the specific adapter for old style 18V NiMH Makita. I did think about the the two adapter approach you mentioned earlier but figured that is pushing the limits of good sense. I'll keep an eye out and let me know if anyone out there is able to find a source for me. Heck maybe I'll design one myself and market it to others. Gotta still be a good number of older tools that DIYers still have on hand.
  2. Is there a Battery adapter to convert a 20V Dewalt XR Battery for use on Makita 18V NiMH Tool? (The Makita tool currently takes the older 18V "POD/Post Style NiMH Battery pic attached) I've been looking and cant seem to find that specific combination. Any suggestions? Many thanks.
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