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  1. The thicker one? I've tried to search on gg and it showed me some imagies and videos about nano tape. Is that the one you told me about? In some videos, nano tape can hang for about 5 or 6 bricks and can be washed, it so awesome :D. I will try it and give some review about it late Thank you Here is the nano tape picture (I took it from gg) Updated: I've tried it alot of time and there's only one word to say: very good! The tape is very strong so that I can hang thing for a long long time (from last week and It's still there =)) ). I used another nano tape to test about "not damage wall ability" and It was the same as advertisement, I followed the instruction and I could easily remove the tape. Now I have another job for the tape: sticking tissues in my car =)). You should try it :D. I found a store selling it. IDK if this is the official store or not, but the quality is very good. Good luck!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm newbie and I need some of your advices with my house's problem. If I post in the wrong place, please forgive me I and my wife love hanging picture in the house, like canvas pictures, but we don't use nails because we don't want to make any holes in the walls. We have tried using the double side tape, or sticky wall hook but it seemed not work. The tape was weak that could not hang the pictures, and the sticky hook damaged the wall coating so much. Can you give us some recommendations. Thank you!
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