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  1. I thought so too, the being lost part, but one of my frenemies got my phone the same way, and I got by without it for months. THAT was really hard, I tell you.
  2. Good evening from Colorado Springs, CO. I just yesterday answered an ad for a DeWalt DXAEPI1000 Inverter. The seller, once I began to share about my situation, just gave it to me as a Gift. I'd loaned my previous nondewalt inverter to someone I thought I knew, but I haven't seen either he or the inverter since. TLDR - Real glad to be here, Good Inverter, Bad friend!, Inverter is not showing any signs of life, any ideas? thoughts, good, hearty recipes for Beef Stew? Namaste Ah, such is life at times ...but it's my INVERTER! So I was v
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