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  1. saw is automatic oiler, but push for extra oil in HD use. Black pin to hold missing chain sharpener button in position. missing the two buttons for the chain sharpener, which i dont need. This tool is more powerful then my other nevver ele chainsaw.
  2. i used my name of paul but it said I cant use that cuz another member did. So i just typed anothername. Then it made a new acct for me, so now i have 2.
  3. I found this old craftsman electric chainsaw in a garbage can. Chain was beyond dull. Got new chain and except for oil leak while sitting on shelf, it works great. However, there is this knob (red arrow) and I don't know what it does. I asked sears and they don't know and don't have the user manual and I cant find it online. It's not for chain tightness adjustment. Im sure you all already know that based on where it is, but I need to say that now to save me from having to respond to someone who might suggest that. It can be turned in either direction as many times as you want. It n
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