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  1. Just picked up a used 2720-20 sawzall. Definitely used but in good working shape. Fuel saw for under $100 The grip on the lever that releases the blade is broken so changing the blade takes an extra minute. gotta work to slide it over. Gonna reach out to Milwaukee and see what a repair would be.
  2. I’m a use the battery normally guy. Charge it when it needs it. Avoid temp extremes. I leave battery’s on the tools for convenience. Have some 1.5mah that are 3 years old and can still drive deck screws for what seems like forever. I was surprised how long they lasted re-decking pool deck
  3. I blows my mind what places charge for brakes. Honda dealer wanted almost $300 for pads. Decided it was time to learn. brakes are now around $30. The tool obsession is strong in me. I need another tool box to work on. These are full. Lol
  4. Brakes are easy. I was stunned how little time it took to do front pads. Done in less than 30 minutes the first time I did them. Had the the YouTube video next to me. go for it.
  5. Milwaukee wet/dry vacuum. 6mah battery’s on the way.
  6. I didn’t change a timing belt. Not yet at least. Lol. Not enough confidence to dig that deep in an engine. Not to mention it’s my only car. I need it running, not up on stands in the driveway. I’m more comfortable with cars than wood. Carpenters are amazing. I have no wood skills. In fact my skill level is super beginner. But you gotta start somewhere. just picked up the Milwaukee m18 wet dry vacuum. Works great. Damn. I have a problem. I want tools.
  7. Just wanted to introduce myself. Name is Ty. New backyard mechanic. Started working on my car because it’s so much cheaper. YouTube is amazing for step by step tutorials. I’ve been able to change oil, transmission service, drain and flush cooling system. Brakes (rotors and pads). No ready to look at drums yet. Changed plugs and coils. Now I’m not ready to change a timing belt. I lack the confidence to go that far into the engine. I plan on doing shocks and struts soon. My son and I installed my car stereo system. We did his car stereo and back up camera.
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