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  1. Thanks, guys. I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Yeah, it's very odd that I've gotten two of these that do the same odd behavior. I've tried two different, fully charged 5AH batteries in them with the same results. I'll return this one too. (It's really unfortunate that the new "electric" clutch on the Gen3 (2804) doesn't work the way it should.) Cheers --Dan
  2. Can anyone who owns a Milwaukee Gen2 FUEL Hammer Drill (model 2704) please let me know whether or not the LED light constantly (even when you're not using it) comes on for 10 seconds, then off for 30 seconds, back on for 10, off for 30, and so on, never stopping until you put the direction switch into LOCK position? The first one I got did that and I thought it was a defect. I even called Milwaukee and someone in tech support told me to return it. So I got another one and IT TOO does exactly the same thing. Is that normal? Does anyone else's Gen2 Hammer Drill do that? Is it maybe a feature to remind you to put it into lock? I don't see anything about that in the manual. I need to know if I need to return this one too. But it seems really strange that I've gotten two that do the exact same odd behavior. Thanks! --Dan
  3. Oh gawd no! 😁 The multi-tool is unbelievably useful in so many ways, and makes so many things easy that would otherwise be either difficult or impossible without it. I just used mine today, in fact, to (1) cut the heads off two 3-inch steel screws that were impossible to unscrew out of the very hard 100-year-old floor joists they had been screwed into to hold down a piece of plywood (don't ask 🙄), and (2) trim about 3/4 of an inch off the end of that piece of plywood so that I could lift it up without taking down the drywall that had been installed above the ends. Installing a new kitchen floor or bedroom carpet and need to trim an 1/8-inch off the bottoms of the door casings? Easy as can be with the multi-tool—easy to make a very straight cut and it doesn't throw saw dust all over the room. It's a brilliant invention. Personally, I like the 18V cordless tools, but the small size of the 12V can be awfully convenient. It just depends on what you need to be able to do with them and whether you need (or prefer) the smaller size of the 12V. The M12s might work perfectly fine for what you need to do with them, and you already have one M12 tool and battery. I remodeled my house 18 years ago (and it's an ongoing process) with all DeWalt cordless tools and loved them. They wore out several years ago and I hadn't been doing nearly as much work on the house so I just got some cheap Harbor Freight tools at the time. Since COVID started I've been doing a lot more work on the house, so I recently decided to start getting Milwaukee M18 tools. The M18 FUEL Surge impact driver is fantastic—it's so quiet! --Dan
  4. Hi all. Forgive me if these are obvious, but I just recently decided to switch to Milwaukee cordless tools (after using DeWalts for years) so I'm unfamiliar with them. The first tool I got was the M18 FUEL Surge Impact Driver and I love it! Q1: Is the electric clutch this bad on all the Gen3 Hammer Drill/Drivers? After the Impact driver, I got a Gen3 Hammer Drill/Driver and came upon serious disappointment. The first thing I used it for was driving in a few small screws on a very low torque setting and it stripped the screws. Then I drove a few larger screws in and it drove them in way too far—still on a low setting. The clutch just wasn't doing what it was supposed to do, even down on a setting of 2. That was a deal breaker for me; I depend on that clutch for a lot of small screws going into soft wood. I only found one video on YouTube where someone talked about this problem, and I haven't been able to find anyone else mention it. Does anyone else have this problem with the 2804? Is this a serious flaw in this model? And if so, does anyone know if Milwaukee is planning on going back to the mechanical clutch for the Gen 4? Q2: Does the LED keep going on and off on all the Gen2 Hammer Drill/Drivers? Then I saw an old video from Vince at the VCG Construction YouTube channel demonstrating that the clutch on the Gen 2704 worked the way it's supposed to, so I got one of those. It worked great, with one odd quirk (to me anyway): when not in use the LED light goes on for 10 seconds, off for 30 seconds, on for 10, off for 30, and on and on like that without being touched. I thought it was a defect, so I called Milwaukee and spoke with someone in their tech support. She said she thought it was an electrical problem and that I should return it. So I returned it and order one from someone else. It arrived yesterday and does the same thing! That got me to wondering, is it designed to do that? I looked in the manual and it says nothing about that. I did finally notice, however, that if I put the direction switch on LOCK the LED stays off. Is this normal for the 2704? I can't find anything that mentions this odd LED behavior. Thanks --Dan
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