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  1. you can buy 1/2 square to 1/4 hex adapters from dewalt, for torque it claims to have 2000in lbs (220nm) of torque but not sure if that can be trusted. Only thing i am worried about is ordering through amazon i get some protection with the wrench, whereas the driver is on ebay and says in the description, 'out of original packaging for lighter shipping', seems a little weird but probably okay, any thoughts on those points?
  2. I am looking at the Ryobi impact wrench and the impact driver, the impact wrench is about £85 and the impact driver is around £50 imported from the US (i live in the uk and prices are a bit higher for them here) i was looking for input on which will be better for taking off bolts on motorbikes and stuff but also using for woodwork and driving screws, i was thinking the impact wrench for double the torque although i doubt I will be taking many lug nuts off, but the driver is alot cheaper and i can easily buy adapters for sockets. i dont have the budget for both as i have just built my workshop so buying a bunch of tools, sticking with ryobi as i have a recip saw already. Thanks for any help.
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