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  1. I tried with checking the wires by one of my frined who knows his way around the tools but could'nt find any problem. I asked his opinion on the same and he suggested to buy a new one but he is not sure about any recommendations as he hasn'nt updated with the latest ones. I asked around couple of stores and researched for them online and came across a website finally. But I have no experience in buying such power equipments online. Could someone help and advise me on what all to look out for before buying them?
  2. Hey all, I have had a hedge trimmer for almost 6 years now and there has been some faults in the working. I get electric shock. At first I thought it was because I used it once when my hand was wet. But even with a dry hand, it was the same. I checked with my company for query and they made me aware that my warranty period was for 5 years and I should pay for the expenses incurring on the repair. But as it has been 6 years and counting. I am confused whether I should repair it or try and replace it with a new one. Could someone advise me on this if they have any alternative option for this?
  3. hey all, newbie daniel here. I have certain queries regarding certain power tools. Hope I could find some answers here. Happy to be part of this community. Thank you for letting me in. Talk to you all soon. Cheers!
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