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  1. I think you need to make the room airtight so that it can be cooled down, and one AC unit is not enough for the size of your room, but you can definitely try. I really like your plan of doing this. Update us here as well about the progress.
  2. How old is your battery, if it is too old, then you must change it and check whether it has any kind of physical damage or not, because if your battery is using lithium ions, then it can catch fire as soon as it comes in the contact of oxygen, keep it in a safe place, and contact the manufacturer?
  3. Mowing wet grass can clog lawn mowers, and especially the gas powered ones, but can you use a electric lawn mower to mow wet grass? And how good is this idea, is this effective or not?
  4. What is the lifespan of a lawnmower's spark plug, and why they doesn't have lifespan as like our car's sparkplugs. And what you guys do? Replace the old one, or your clean it and use it again? Are they worth using after cleaning? And how often you clean them?
  5. I think the moist grass is touching the hot parts of the mower and that is why your are seeing smoke, you can wait for sometime so that the grass will be dried, and then you can use the mower, and keep cleaning the mower after cutting, it can clog it easily. If you clog an electric mower with too much grass it will create so much heat inside the straining electric motor that it will melt its components and burn out- and never start again. And wet grass tends to bend over because of the weight of water on it, and the blade of lawn mower will miss it, and that is why it is recommended to wait until the water is dried out. Moisture can also rust the important parts of the mower as well. Mowing a wet lawn require more efforts and time as well,
  6. I am thinking of buying a drill online, but got confused between the brushless and brush drill, can you suggest which one is better and why, and which one is more reliable for long life. I don't want to buy anything crap and waste my money.
  7. I read about this topic why the leaf blowers are banned, and found out that the reason for the ban is the air pollution and noise pollution that they create while blowing the leaves.
  8. I found out that in some states, leaf blowers are banned to use, and in my state it is not, what about you all, and how you are solving it? DO electric blowers are really worth buying?
  9. I am confused about what will happened if I Leave an Air Compressor Pressurized, is it gonna explode or the air will come out after some time, and what damages it can do to the compressor. And for how long we can keep it pressurized?
  10. You can check it, is there any wire lose or not, or anything which might be broken inside, if there's something broken, you can repair it, or otherwise if not, then go for a new one.
  11. Hi, I am new to this forum, that I just found by googling my query and I found that this website has a forum as well, so I joined it. I am new to this online thing so I'll try my best to share knowledge and learn something new from fellow members. Thankyou for creating this one place for people like us.
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