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  1. So I flushed out my heater coil with garden hose full water pressure and everything was working great. I drained and refilled the coolant too. then very little heat, fan blower is good, Actuator door motor is good. I pinched the bypass hose tight with permanent clamp to force coolant through the coil and more heat but not enough. What could possibly be clogging the coil? Is there any additive to dissolve clogs?
  2. Thanks , do you recommend any specific site for used chargers? I checked e bay and no luck. Funny thing is a friend bought me this drill from the pawn shop with no charger but the drill had enough charge to ensure it worked.
  3. HEY Joe, I am a maintenance tech for an old apartment building and getting rid of odors is kinda my specialty. That musty odor is mildew no doubt about it. I did not say mold so don't get scared. It is in the walls and sub floor, nothing you can do about it , its a part of life. But you can keep the odor of it under control and this is how: 1. Use a live bacterial odor eliminator as directed by manufacturer. Such as "Liquid Alive". 2. Now here's the tricky part: it is not recommended to tare into the walls and disturb what possibly could be "MOLD". BUT I have drilled a hole an
  4. Black & Decker discontinued the plug in wall charger I need for their 18 V cordless drill and no oem replacement is available. Can I use another manufacturers plug in wall charger.
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