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  1. Thanks! Yes, that would be the easiest way... Just to confirm, with the charger connected to mains and without the battery plugged to it, between the 2 battery charging connectors should be 24v, or a bit more, right? I have measured and there is only 5v.
  2. Hi, I have a hammer drill te 2a with a charger that might have an issue. The charger model is C7/36-ACS and when I power it, the green led lights up --> OK. When I place the drill battery, after few seconds the green led blinks. According to the manual, "A malfunction in the charger or battery was detected during the self-test." Si I purchased a new battery thinking the problem was with the battery. I have then tried with the new battery but it happens the same so I suppose the malfunction is in the charger? I have open it and found nothing apparently bad, at first impresion. Does anyone have some experiences with this charger or similar? Any clues will be very wellcome!
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