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  1. Thanks, yeah I ended up returning the silver chuck one and buying a black chuck one on ebay from the only seller who had one. I asked him and he claimed the silver chuck is the old model and the black chuck is the new model. Though on ebay like 80%-90% where silver chuck drills. I also checked Sydney tools who is an AU authorised seller and would unlikely have old stock and their picture shows the silver chuck ( They are also who my work bought the 2 year old drill from which came with black chuck) When you goolge this looks like silver one Milwaukee 2504-20 M12 and M1
  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone with experience in fuel drill models could help me out on the difference between these two drills that I have that both have the exact same model number but have some obvious differences and potentially some less obvious ones. So the first drill I got work to buy a Fuel drill a couple years back and the thing is amazing and compact. Loved it so much I finally decided to buy one for my self. It just arrived today and to my suprise the drill is a bit different, well more to my suprise that it looks and feels a little cheaper. N
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