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  1. Never had this happen. I’ve had that one for about a year and use it all the time, taking off lug nuts to bolts on a dozer. Although only with a 5.0 battery, not the bigger one. Shouldn’t make a difference regardless, return it or if it is still under warranty send it in to Milwaukee.
  2. Okay, rereading my original post, I think I accidentally over exaggerated it. What I mean is that the trigger has a fair amount of slop in the housing. So when I go to screw something down, and am at a weird angle, the trigger will wiggle to one side and wear on housing causing a not so smooth movement. The impact is still one hundred percent useable and it’s really not that noticeable for 98% of screwing, but it just seems when at an angle it doesn’t feel right. Like I say it’s only a little more play than my Milwaukee 2853-20 and a lot more than my Bosch freak, so maybe I am just being picky
  3. Hi, I am wondering if my makita xdt16 has a problem or if this is how everyone’s is. The problem is that the trigger seems to have a lot of play in it in comparison to my Bosch and milwaukee impacts. For example when I am maybe screwing something down at a weird angle the trigger seems to go sideways instead of straight and as a result the trigger feels kind of weird and not smooth. Just wondering if anybody that owns one can chime in and tell me if this is normal or if I need to return it. thanks,
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