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  1. I have that same tool, I’d probably try testing their Lifetime Service Guarantee and see if they’ll look at it. Other than that my only suggestion is that with my Ridgid drill it is particularly fussy about dust of all things...a cheap test would be to clean any and all connections thoroughly and maybe use a nylon brush to clean off where the head snaps on. Does the LED light come on when the blade refuses to move?
  2. Thanks Jronman! I have invested in a lot of the packout elements. I can’t imagine trying to go back prior to having that system, especially as often as I’m switching tools out.
  3. Thanks TerryOS! I appreciate the feedback!
  4. Newbie to being a member on the forum. Im a commercial carpenter in Maine and honestly I love reading about the tools that make my industry move. I hope I can contribute something to the community.
  5. Hello there, first time poster here. I just wanted to get a feel of what you would recommend I pack with me to the job each day. I know the basics: tape, square hammer, etc. but I do commercial carpentry and frequently will carpool in company trucks. I’ve been criticized by co workers before for bringing so many hand tools to the site (3+ portable tool bags and/or boxes) but nearly everyday our site won’t have things like a sharpies, vise grips, nail set, wire cutters, a level, etc. so I’ve frequently tried to come over prepared. We might do everything from Sheetrock to chipping c
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