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  1. Looking for suggestions for soldering iron, solder sucker, wicks, helping hands, magnifiers and other essential tools to do ECU work on my Miata. Many many years back I was a skilled EE circuit designer, making my own boards etc. HOWEVER that was over 40 years ago and the world changed a lot since then. Not looking to overbuy as I am a skilled enough solderer and can keep my tips clean, but need guidance as to the newer tools which have changed so much.Decided a kit ECU (brand to be decided) was a great way to reintroduce myself to the current electronics universe and have fun with my 94 Miata at the same time. Thanks for your help! Wall Lenk Soldering Guns
  2. I will also take something from Woodcraft, since they have sold me nothing but quality products for the last couple of years. It was also not so easy when I was searching for a great table for my DeWalt DW618PK 12-Amp router, but I looked for some feedback and some examples from my friends, who already owned it, and bought too many different pieces, connecting them to one table. types of wood routers
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