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  1. Excellent recommendations! Yes, I was doing cross cuts. I'm going to order a few Diablo blades -- I was just looking at them at Home Depot today. 👌 Funny thing is I have barely used this blade prior to doing the cuts for this desk I made. And Upon further investigation the blade is definitely worn down. The metal even looks bashed in on some of the teeth. Live and learn...
  2. Thanks @ToolBane Ken! If I can ever bring myself to spend the ridiculous $$$ on the high output batteries I might buy a two-pack. I just wish there was a tool I didn't have that came with a battery just so I could get a two-fer -- like the promotions they have where "If you buy this, get THIS or THAT for free!". It gets a little annoying to keep swapping batteries between tools, especially if one is already taken up by a Milwaukee light or radio or... as for the choppy/sloppy cut, I might see if there are any different blades that will provide a smoother cut.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a question I've been meaning to ask about my Milwaukee 2630-20 circular saw that came with my 2695-27S 7-piece set. I recently made a computer desk out of douglas fir. The top of the desk is made up of three 2x12's joined together with wooden biscuits. I went to cut the table ends down to length -- from 8 feet to 6 feet wide. I made one cut and it turned out to be very choppy. It chipped up the wood almost an inch in some places, so I thought maybe I just didn't go slow or fast enough. I made two more cuts both slower and faster and same results. So I grabbed a corded circu
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