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  1. Anyone else get their m12 pin nailer yet? ups just dropped mine off shipped from ohio power tools but of course I'm working a hour away. Cant wait to check it out later(update) it's way more compact and lighter than other cordless pinners
  2. Curk


    Reverse threaded, turn to right?
  3. Try E-replacement Parts part #N621119 is the outer washer ring clamp but I think you need a new inner washer part #650109-00 or you can stack 2 blades and offset the teeth.
  4. I had this problem with my older dewalt 18v nicad brad nailer and a ridgid pneumatic brad gun even on 130 psi and modified the gun by grinding a 1/16" off the safety tip so gun head would be flush to material, still doesn't sink em. Upgraded to dewalt 20v brad gun,and still it leaves a nail sticking out 1/16" every now and again. I'm all dewalt, but I never thought I'd say this, may be time to try milwaukees m18 brad nailer
  5. You may have or someone else used your drill and could have used 2 hands and accidentally pushed and switched gear speeds while driving in a fastener or screw at the same time. I burned out the gears on my 18v drill that way and my gen 1 887 just started squealing bad recently while drilling with 3/4" auger. Drill has been a beast, maybe time for a new one. I'll have to look for an older dated gen 1 model because I dont trust the new Stanley black and decker models
  6. I have this same model, I've had to flip the saw upside down a few times and pull the whole blade assy over with some force to bevel it, probably same thing small pieces of wood or azek in the grooves. Upside down it will catch the riving fork. 48°, 49° is more than 45? I removed the 45° stop on my table saw to allow it to bevel to a 51°. Another problem I've had with this saw is the blade height adjustment, the threaded rods that control the blade height get so gunked up with pressure treated wood residue that it locks the blade if left lowered into the saw for a day so much that I snapped the height adjust wheel knob off. I have to clean with wire brush periodically
  7. You should go flexvolt advantage. I'm using the Dcs575 gen 1 flexvolt still,waiting for it to die so I can compare my new dcs578 gen 2 flexvolt with 9ah(which they claimed was an impressive 54% stronger than the gen 1) and my power detect saw kit with second free 8ah. I recently returned the 20v 7 1/4 circ for lack of power compared to the older flexvolt. If they make a worm style flexvolt advantage I'll probably sell one of my saws and grab that. Ive always preferred worm drive style saws
  8. Curk

    Battery problem

    Have you tried another battery on the brad nailer to see if the metal terminal connections are dirty up inside the nailer where the battery goes? I have to scrape off black oxidized build up off my older gen 1 ryobi 18v lithium batteries
  9. That was definitely a good idea with the casters, I should have built the vac out of the 2.0 rolling cart and had flip down casters on bottom in the front. Maybe I'll put small eyeball casters on the bottom? There is still room in the toughvac box for some tools but I have to remind myself to remove them before running the vacuum. The flexvolt vac does have 2 motors, 2 hepa filters and 120 something cfm compared to the dcv581h is like 40cfm. Ridgids 70- 80cfm
  10. Why no locking hooks on 2.0? Had to mod them on myself and notch lid on large box. Just found these tstak to toughsystem brackets but that flexvolt vac is almost $450 usd, I like the cordless remote/wrist watch but had to make my own for the corded 120v option and I'm picking up a bluetooth 20v battery or tool tag for that remote control function as long as I keep it powered on I can kill the vac remotely. My Ridgid 18v vacs a lil stronger but cant beat the corded / cordless option,(Edit) and I regret upgrading to the 2.0 rolling cart, because my 1.0 rolling cart could fit just as much inside and was compatible with my ds carrier in the rare case where i would have everything already in it and load it on the carrier, no hook but atleast the 1.0 had the grooves for the ds brackets. You all got me thinking of picking up a set of these adapter brackets , mounting them on my microwave/ toaster oven and pulling the Dewalt portable power station out of the closet to power it, I used to like to keep it on top of my stacked boxes but it just gets banged up too much
  11. I thought the same, made my own toughvac out of the corded/cordless vacuum dcv581h (It actually works pretty good). Exhausts out the top just had to take a blade off the handle to fold flat. I picked up a 10' ridgid flex hose so im not sweatin no wheels, I have the 2.0 rolling cart and ds carrier if needed. Someone mentioned the label, had to A compressor would be a great idea. 4 years later and Milwaukee must've read this article, the packout light is a great addition but I pull the ds carrier and only push it down stairs and curbs so one extendable wand light and multi directional heads or even at mid height on the back edge to light the path ahead. And attachable bracket adapters for the big ass handles on the power supply to stack a toughsystem box on top would be cool
  12. I see this is 2019 but the dewalt cordless nailers are the same exact housing and I was able to convert my 30-34° dcn692 into a 21° nailer with the dewalt cordless magazine clip and the offset piece that sits under the nose, part # N519788 T2
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