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  1. Okay just found it. The tool needs C1 & C3 as an input. C1=4.2V C3=12.6V Now I'm modeling and printing the case for it. It would be uploaded to thingiverse.com for the ones looking to make their batteries.
  2. Cool but doesn't work 🤣 I think the tool needs more signal
  3. I thought it is chinese BMS not capable and bypassed it by adding original dewalt PCB. The original PCB also has NTC sensor on it. I measured the voltages all fine. 20.60V at the drill. Again, LED goes on/off but the motor is not turning. What does the tool wants to know? Or whats could be the problem?
  4. Hiya! I'm trying to built my battery pack. I had used LG HG2 3000 mah batteries which has 30A peak discharge. The problem is DCF880 drill doesn't want to turn. When the switch triggered LED goes on/off but the motor is not turning. DCF880 is fine because it works with the original battery.
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