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  1. Thank you for your help, is there any think on the drill, 2 batteries or the charger that i can check to confirm this and go back to the person i bought it from and tell them they are selling fakes (all though they probably all ready know)? thanks bob.
  2. hi everyone, i have an old challenge foldable work bench, had it for years need a few bits but no parts sold any where i have looked every where and carnt find there contact details, email, website, phone or address any one know it? cheers bob.
  3. yes i did do the same but apparently these versions are sold in Germany, i have emailed DeWalt direct with the photos and description just waiting on a reply if i get one unless any one can tell me differently the general opinion is i have bought a scam product but no one knows why it does work, all i can do is hope that it lasts a while before it blows up but as i said at the beggining many thanks for all the suggestions / remarks offered
  4. hi, thanks for the replies , how can i prove if they are fakes?
  5. Hi RDC, do you know if you can add photos on here, ill post some?
  6. hi RDC thanks for your reply 1) you say charger isnt detecting them properly is there a way to test the charger with a multimeter? 2) you say both batteries may be us but then why does the drill work ok? 3) sorry the bit about b- and b+ is beyond my understanding? 4) i was keeping testing the cells to last as nearly every time i open a tool it never works again thanks bob.
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply unfortunately i bought it off Facebook, i think he brought 6 back from Germany bob
  8. surely some one must have some advice or suggestions on this matter ? thanks bob.
  9. hi i got 2 x 24v /5ah batteries with my DeWalt drill kit, this is my first DeWalt and i have several questions if anyone can help? 1) when i plug my charger in a green light comes on, slide the battery on and the light turns solid red after a while it turns back green ? 2) if i use a multimeter to test the batteries after charge both only read 12.3v and 12.5v ? 3) when i press the test button on the back of the battery there are 3 lights red, blue and green? the reason i ask is that after all the research i have done nowhere says this should happen and i all so can not locate the model no on the DeWalt website charger dcb107 battery dcb181 all though the drill seems to work fine with both batteries many thanks for any help and advice any one can offer thanks bob.
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