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  1. Further to my intermittent problem with My Bosch impact driver ,#It was returned from Bosch UK service a couple of days ago They replaced it instead of repairing it! BUT the replacement has the same intermittent Problem. i.e. it suddenly stops working . If I remove the battery which IS charged place it on the charger for TEN seconds put it back on the driver ALL is well . Now ten seconds could not possibly alter the state of charge I suspect it is reactivating a protection device !!! can this battery protection be disabled ? somehow ?. I like the product , But this is very frustrating Please advise Mike
  2. Hi I currently have a boesch advance 18v impact driver the one with a 1.5AH battery it is at present being repaired by bosch UK I have lost faith in this tool and I am thinking of replaceing it with the Bosch advance 18 impact that also comes with normal chuck the torque on this is 36NM as aposed to 138 NM of my old one. I am just a basic DIYer So ifeel the newer one which has better drill features etc will be more useful to me . My Question is the Spec states impact drilling ? now my main requirement for the impact feature is to reduce "Cam out when driving cross head screws will this new Advance impact do that or is the impact feature just for drilling ?
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