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  1. How can you safely move your items at home or work and keep your team healthy and products secure? With the only available patented, Made in USA, vertical/horizontal strap mount for most hand trucks and dollies. It's adjustable, so it works on Milwaukee, Harper, WESCO, and most hand trucks and dollies that you buy in Lowe's, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. Made of aluminum and is spring-loaded. Depending on your load, it comes with either an Erickson 10' retractable ratchet or a 15' Grainger retractable ratchet. No more wrap-around messy straps for you! Check out the pictures below
  2. I'm Judy and I own The Hand Truck Company in Pueblo, Colorado. We don't have power tools but we have people-powered hand trucks and strap mounts that make moving a lot easier and safer. Our customers include both businesses and DIY guys and gals. We're proud that our products are made in the USA and that we're a family-run business. I love following all of the Tools in Action videos on Instagram and hope to have our unique products on there someday soon.
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