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  1. i have the power head (PH1400) and use the following attachments: hedge trimmer (HTA2000), string trimmer (STA1500) and edger (EA0800). All three require that I check the grease level via a "sealing screw" and fill it to 3/4 full. well i can hardly see inside the hole and even what little i do see, how do i know if it's 3/4 as opposed to 1/2? all 3 tools have the exact same setup. i tried using a small zip tie to see if i could measure like a dipstick but that was not clear either - as it seems to me that any grease that i put in or that is in will not necessarily settle like a liquid and grease on the sides of the gear box may not show that there is an empty space below.... i spoke to ego support and it was like talking to a person on another planet...they kept putting me on hold and coming back with the same: just look inside and oh btw we have have never had this question before. i did put a little grease in each one but would like a more certain approach. if any of you have done this with these tools i would appreciate your help. if you have not done this with these tools your suggestions are also welcome but please let me know it's a suggestion as opposed to something you have actually done. TIA!
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