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  1. Hello guys , this is 3rd and last part of building welding table for my mate .. One extra video will be about clamps and other things for welding table, and i will do video about welding table 2x1 m for my self ..
  2. Hello , i had time to continue on welding table project , table is almost done and this is 2nd part Dont worry you will get 3rd part ASAP ...
  3. That strange coz Milwa have good tools i have one M12 impact doing about 330NM cost 220 EUR ( promo ) and im so happy with coz is small,light and powerfull .
  4. Again just part of my standard welding day , this is copy of cast iron bracket base , welding tollerance 0.15mm. Im working on CNC plasma combo video shloud be posted ASAP .. Have good one
  5. Hello everyone , this is jus part of my standard Welding day in the life. This video is full verion of my Weld ON INTRO ..
  6. Hello everyone , this is jus part of my standard Welding day in the life. Check my other Welding or CNC video .. Thanks for Watching.
  7. Hello and welcome Normans54 . Well i will give you answer diferent way . We are welding and grinding everyday , im telling my guys sometimes 10x a day , move that rag ( for cleaning ) , take that brush ( broom) a way , when you fnish with spraying then clean that foil or cardbard ... Let guess what is happen 10x a day ..:) YES , YES one splash of break cleaner one spark and .... Back to your problem ... yes you can weld there but be honest you are going to take that risk .. ? Min 30min before i close company nobody weldig , grinding , if something flamable left in workshop then on the floor so if we left then no prob can be some small fire ... Was many time happen in the morning watching stuff which burned over nignt ..:) Im happy if you will learn how to weld you can be lucky 999x but once you forgot something and then you need just brush to clean your place after fire. Tig is not that bad with sparks but MIG/MAG , MMA will burn your house. Stay safe mate and think twice what you do at your place ..:) Good luck WELD ON - Easy to weld ..
  8. Hello guys , you can check my last progres on my CNC project .. I will post some more pic ..
  9. If you will watch whole video then you can learn How to PERFECTLY Sharpen Tungsten for TIG Welding easy and fast way .
  10. Nice , but let me tell you very important things ,actually buying guide for beginners doesn't exist , everything is just about how much you want to spend and how familiar you are with internet browsing. Before you buying welding machine you need to ask your self. Do i want to weld more in the future or just to try and maybe sometimes without good result. I'm always telling people , find some garage where you can try for small cost or go to welding school and say pay for 2-3 days , even some of school are happy to try for one day. and then you will know if you going to spend 300 - 800 usd,eur,gbp for standard china machine like is PRIMEWELD CT520D, Hobart , Lotos , Primeweld and so on or you going to spend more for rest of you life say 1500 - 3500 and you can get best world know brands like Fronius,Esab,Kemppi,Rehm ... because im always tell ppl gently ... even you driving ford ST that will be never like you driving Ferrari. I can say PRIMEWELD CT520D cost about 500usd and if you not planing to hard kicking and you need just for hobby then no big cry .. . If i will try to compare to car then i dont like to drive citroen , peugeot , ,renault, dacia , nisan ... i like to drive VW, Audi , BMW and then Jaguar or Ferrari .. . First what you need to do with china welding machine is change power cable for 3 x 2.5mm2 110v -240v or 4x2.5mm2 380v - 440v good flexi cable , keep plasma and other cable for welding straight a much as possible , walking cup on tig torche will kill main cord inside cable in really short time. Did i payid for something like you before then answer is YES i did and now im using as STEP if i need to get something of shelf. From that day im buying just Fronius,Esab,Kemppi,Rehm cost much more but once you try .. I hope that your welding combo will stay for long time but if you like to make a big step then let me know and i will be more then happy to help you with good welding machine ..
  11. Standards sockets and bits are made of premium material if set was cheap , if you using brands like sonic,facom,george and other world know brands that good but not suitable for impact wrench or any other imact tools. You must have impact bit set and 100% is black oil oxid finished. That is not about tolleranc that is about material , if you will do slow motion then you will see how socket,drill etc is trying to twist , when you have org. impact stuff then you can pass all forse without twisting. That is like you have long extension for bit and before you removing any bolt you can see how is twisting. If you use standard socket for impact then resonation is to HIGHT and socket is not able to keep frequency as is on imact tool and the is running on more hight freq. and then you can see danage inside square hole ,for sure imact end is more hard as standard or impact socket ...
  12. Most funny thing was when i forgot to remove tape with foam what i can say my bad .. You can se my prototype of rotary positioner and for welding i was using REHM AC/DC 180A .
  13. Hello guys , Part of other projecs now im building 2 welding Tables , 1.5x0.8m and 2x1m , if you like to see how i can manage this project then just stay tune .. Thanks
  14. Testing my prototype rotary table
  15. Welding old alumium radiator for Husquarna 1988...
  16. OK guys i read all topic and we need to stop for sec because is hard to read some of words .. like Miller and other scrap About BRANDS BEST ON THE WORLD is Fronius , ESAB ,Kemppi , Rehm , and rest of it ..? just welding machine , but please when you writing Miller, Everlast , Jasse , first they looks very bad and 2nd this is just better CHINA. But when you weld once with Fronius or Esab then you will understand how welding machine can help even you are not good welder . This is fact and is no question about it , nothing to say more or less , that the fact . Do i have good welding machine , then yes i do have and nothing below 3000 eur for set , is like you have ferrari or you can dirve Citroen or Dacia .. be honest LINCOLN was USA president , Everlast that you try to write EveryLast ... coz is welding like first and last time .. ups . And if you going to ask me if i welded ... yest i tested all that stuff so i can tell you 101% how they weld .. Even Hobart or Oerlikon ... that still bad of XXXX ..:) So if you want to spend money pay once and cry once then , take like i will buy right now ... and i got one of them to https://www.rehm-online.de/en/schweissgeraete/wig/tiger-digital-182-to-230.html This i will get in 4 days https://www.rapidwelding.com/dynamic/DisplayItem.aspx?c=4%2C075%2C220%2C860 I got one and this can weld 275Amps on 220V / 25ams but you need better torche ..:) https://www.esab.nl/france-benelux/nl/products/arc-welding-equipment/multi-process-equipment-cv-cc/rebel-emp-215ic.cfm And now you have good tig and mig , now you can start welding kicking machine on 100% for whole day Just please do not start about miller and other .... NO WAY For sure im using all machine even crap because sometime you have to , jsut saying do not spend your money for crap what is just looking like welding machine
  17. THIS IS WHAT FORUM IS ABOUT , HELP, SHARE , TALK .. ENJOY Hello guys , i will like to share my working progress of building my 2x CNC one is made of 100x100 CNC Plasma /MILL combo 2.5mx1.5x 2nd is made of 80x80 and size is 1.5m.1m and this will be router mill with pneumatic tools changer. Subscribe ,LIKE ,Share and stay tune for more detail of my hard work .. https://youtu.be/NZINdgYYHD4 https://youtu.be/HXLN-BrXmoI https://youtu.be/Y3CbDbcLvHo
  18. Hello guys , i will posting some picture and video of welding i did . For sure you will get more info about welding with more details. Weldin section is almost dead so we can bring to life You will see all stile of welding and welding technique . and for those who does know what FORUM means : FORUM is place where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. https://youtu.be/EBhTg1JwkJQ
  19. Hello everyone , what i can say about me .... i stop counting after 20y and 100 tons of wire .. :) That all
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