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  1. I attempted a direct Wire bypassing the variable speed switch of a sawzall (Hitachi) but when I direct wired through an on/off switch I only get smoke from the brushes. Can you help me?
  2. For 50 years plus I have worked happily alongside some of the better, if not the best tools money could buy. It's what I did, shoot it's what we all do. I am a tool hoarder. I try to live, eat, breathe tools. One of my great successes in life was to find a never been used $4600 Power matic saw which I paid $150. Wow! My thoughts still race from that coup. But now I am stuck in a quandry, a conundrum if you will. And it goes something like this: I don't see why Milwaukee tools are Soooo much more than say, Dewalt, Skil, Bosch, or many others. I get the good, better, best mentality most companies try to maintain but geeez these red tools are so damned expensive. Can anyone assist with some hard fact as to why and put this old "all things tools" brain to rest? I'd be grateful.
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